C =100% Confirmed
HOLD = I am close to closing the deal, if you get a offer for this date call me
Every show we do there will be food, either from the venue, or from the band.

August 26th release

September 2nd Corona 80s C

No Sandy James Silva to cover

September 3rd Canyon Club Montclair C


September 4th Glen Eden Corona C

September 17 PALA Casino C

no Skye Faye to cover 

Sept 30/Oct 1  Casino AZ C

Bring Backline

Two nights same venue same hotel

Oct 7 Fullerton C

Bass Sub

Oct 8th The Hilltop Tavern C

Bass sub

October 14 Santa Fee Swap Meet

Load 5pm two sets, food yes, dressing room yes C

October 22 Copper Blues Brea C

7 pm Load/check

set one 9pm

October 29 Indio Polo Club C

Nov 12 Corona C

November 19 Rock Yard Fantasy Springs C

no Skye Faye to Cover

Dec 23 The Canton Club Agoura Hills C

Dec 31 The Canyon Club Santa Clarita C

Feb 1st 2023 City of Palm Springs C

APCAL 2023

Links to all that you will need are here

Pala Casino Videos


April 8 Rehearsal Audio

Set List for 2021